Build Your Wellness Plan

Natural Solutions Using Essential Oils focuses on creating a wellness lifestyle by using essential oils and incorporating them into your everyday life.

Course features



Learn about essential oils and how you can use them.



Discover how natural solutions can impact your life.



Get clear on your health and wellness goals.

Do You Suffer From These Problems?

  • Staying on track with health-related goals, activities, or choices

  • Maintaining a good diet

  • Effectively managing stress

  • Maintaining good mental health

  • Low Energy

  • Burnout

  • Lack of Sleep

  • No motivation

Self Care Isn't Selfish

The course is great for anyone wanting to learn more about how to transform their lives to living a safer and healthier life.

Life is busy and we have a number of responsibilities, from taking care of our families, to performing well on the job, paying bills, and running errands. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, we don’t take the time to properly take care of ourselves. We become a service to other things, people and places that we don’t serve ourselves and in doing that it causes mental, physical, spiritual and emotional stress.

You are the MIP, the most important person in your life. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t help anyone else.

Natural solutions with using essential oils will show you how to incorporate daily healthy habits, self-care, goal-setting and maintaining the motivation to pursue and reach your health and wellness goals.

After taking this course you will become more familiar with essential oils, become clear about your health and wellness goals, manage stress, add daily health activity, overcome challenges, and discover natural solutions for your everyday life.

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Natural Solutions Using Essential Oils is designed to guide you in your health and wellness journey. The course will help you better understand how and why essential oils work so you can use them to improve your wellness. We will provide you with simple, safe and natural solutions that you can use for your own enjoyment and self-care.

The course will also give you an opportunity to evaluate your daily wellness lifestyle habits, natural self-care, managing your mood, healthy cleaning and making healthy choices. You will be able to customize your wellness plan for your specific health goals.


What You'll Learn

  • Essential Oils

    What are essential oils
    How essential oils are extracted
    How to apply essential oils
    Important safety guidelines 

  • Three Main Notes

    The 3 main notes of essential oils

  • Wellness Lifestyle

    How to create a wellness lifestyle, wellness plan and map out your wellness goals.

  • Quality Essential Oils

    How to choose a high-quality essential oils

  • 27 Essential Oils

    Benefits of 27 essential oils and how to us them.

  • Resources

    Where to purchase quality essential oils
    How you can build an income and make a difference
    How you can earn free essential oils
    Get support in your wellness journey

  • Latin & Botantical Names

    The Latin and Botanical Names of Essential Oils

  • Natural Solutions

    What are natural solutions and how to incorporate them into your life.

  • DIY Safety

    Safety when DIYing and experiment with a fun recipes

  • Benefits

    The many benefits of using essential oils

Make yourself a priority

Your health and wellness is important, when you have your health you have everything thing you need to face any task, challenge, or obstacle. Invest in your wellness and your body will thank you with long lasting results.

Health is a state of body, and wellness is a state of being - J. Stanford

Course Preview

Short Videos

The course contain videos that you can watch at your own pace.


This course is for anyone who wants more support in their health and wellness.

Highly Visual

The course is designed for you to learn and easily apply practical lessons.

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Meet Your Guide


Catina York

Certified Aromatherapist

Wellness Advocate, Essential Oil Specialist, graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, a Systems Projects Analyst/Business Analyst with the State of Florida, Lifetime Member of Women Prosperity Network, Graduate of Success Mastery Academy, and President of the Women of Entrepreneurs of America, Tallahassee Chapter.

I serve stressed-out business professionals, women over 40 and serious health-minded people to reduce toxins and increase their vitality to take charge of their lifestyle. I show them how to overcome stress and maintain good mental health by giving them natural solutions, strategies with 1-1 support, courses, masterclasses, and DIY recipes that will support them in their health and wellness journey.

" Natural Ingredients Are Better " - Catina York

Essential Oil Specialist
Component Blending
Anatomy and Physiology

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Be inspired and encouraged on your health and wellness journey. GoNatural courses gives you a variety of topics that include self-care, stress management and natural solutions to assist you in mapping out your strategy into a blueprint that you can use to build your confidence and adapt to a new lifestyle of holistic health. The online tutorials will teach you how you can incorporate healthier alternatives into your daily routine.


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