Eric's Book

Having Early Visions That Move Mountains

By Eric York

What you'll get out of this book

  • Family and Community Principles

  • Discover your winning purpose in life

  • Learn to embrace and appreciate yourself

  • The important of faith and achieving greatness

  • Overcoming obstacles that you face with perseverance and being consistent

Kentucky State Hall Of Famer


Eric is the author of Having Early Visions That Move Mountains, My Winning Purpose. He was honored as a Gadsden County Author by the Gadsden County Democratic Women's Club on May 31, 2019 at the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Havana, Florida. The book dedication was sponsored and hosted by the Gadsden County Democratic Women’s Club on June 1, 2019 at the Gadsden County Public Library in Quincy, Florida. Eric was inducted into the Kentucky State University Athletic Hall of Fame on October 11, 2019. Eric has Associates of Arts Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Keiser University. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education Teaching and a Master's Degree of Public Administration specializing in Human Resource Management from Kentucky State University.  He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

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Eric's Book

Lawrence D.

Eric’s journey from humble beginnings, through his trials and tribulations is proof that love, perseverance and faith can give you the power to overcome any and all obstacles that come before you. He was not hindered by the naysayers that would hold him down if given the chance, he encourages our future generations to pursue and achieve their dreams and goals. Great book Mr. York

Eric's Book


Very good book, well written and truly demonstrates how a very focused young man from the deep south didn't allow anyone or anything to derail him from reaching the top on the football field at each level as well as in life. Mr. York utilized his early years of experiences to help push him to reach his goals later in life. This is a great read that flows very well during each chapter. I definitely recommend this book as a motivational book for our youth as well as for anyone that wants more out of life.

Eric's Book

Spanish Teacher

Mr. York tells us how he grew up. It was hardship that made him the strong man that he has become.  Still he manage to see life with a beautiful heart and has a smile every day.  Mr. York's book will make every young person feel grateful for all the luxuries they possess now a day.  A powerful book about a man who overcame all the obstacles of his hard youth to become kind and tender man.  I recommend this book with all my heart.

I can finally relax...

Carolyn has a story for you...

I checked my mail late last night, around midnight as I was on the phone with my girlfriend. After I got off and prepared myself for bed, and I read this book in 90 minutes. I truly enjoyed reading it, it was a quick and easy read. Now, I am the epitome of an ultra-feminine woman. So, sports of any kind is NOT in my wheel house. However, I can clearly see how God was working through Eric’s life in that moment. He exemplified tenacity, hard-work, endurance, and faith! And that I can relate to. He spoke on a few things about Quincy, FL that I didn't even know about how people lived in that period of time. I really appreciated the scriptures and I also noticed he quoted Les Brown several times. The book is very detailed in the accounting of the highlights of his life. I believe this book can bless people, especially teenage boys and young men. It's a wonderful display of his patience and perseverance even in the face of disappointments. God bless Eric! I totally enjoyed reading this book and I will be sure to gift it to my step-son.

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