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Your Health Is Your Wealth

With Dr. Lamar Price

When: Thursday, February 29, 2022 @ 7:00 pm ET

Where: Zoom

Why: Because your health is your wealth!


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This is for you if you...

  • Wake up in the morning and feel groggy, lack of energy, not feeling refreshed and revived.

  • Wrestle with maintaining a good diet and lack motivation.

  • Not getting the proper amount of sleep due to aches and pains, worrying, and have anxiety attacks.

  • Issues with staying focused, maintaining your mood, making good decisions, and having no interest in day-to-day activities.

This Masterclass will start in


What you'll get out of the seesion


Health Solutions

Learn about changing eating habits, planning a healthy daily regimen and more.

Wellness Lifestyle

How to create a wellness lifestyle, plan and map out your wellness goals so that you are always feeling vital healthy.

Resources & Support

Learn how you can receive support with health and wellness.


Understand the many benefits of living a healthy life that will inspire you to live your best life..


Get clear strategies that you can apply to your everyday life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Lamar Price is a certified Iridologist.  He practices holistic and natural alternatives to medicine.  Based in Los Angeles, Lamar travels throughout the United States and the world providing his skills as a certified Iridologist, Herbalist, Nutritionist to educate and promote natural health solutions to many ailments and advanced diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other conditions.  Lamar Price currently works with more than 4,000 patients who are recovering from various health issues that range from acute to degenerative stages.



Lamar constantly seeks ways to foster a dynamic learning environment.  He generously shares his wealth of knowledge and meets with groups of all sizes.  Lamar is a gifted speaker who helps people understand and embrace changes that positively impact their health and enhances their lives.


See what others have to say:

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Dr. Price is the Realist Doctor that I have ever encountered.  My health has been at it's best since starting the health regime.  I have more energy, and I'm enjoying the journey.  His words of wisdom and knowledge has also impacted my life.  My understanding has been enlighten.  Praise Yeshua!! Glory to Yahweh!!

Priscilla Johnson


This man is awesome and a life changer.  I decided to try Dr. Price after numerous doctors and medications for a number of years.  My health is in a better place; I recommend Dr. Lamar Price to anyone who's tired of pharmaceutical medication. He also assisted with my 2.5 year old great grand. She’s now on a great path to better health. Dr. Price thank you, thank you so very much.

Caroline Bell2


Dr. Price is the real deal.  God answered my prayer and I'm so thankful.  I took his advice and followed the instructions that he recommended.  I went to my doctor for my yearly check-up and received a good report.  I thank God for Dr. Price.  I no longer depend on prescribed medications.

I can finally relax...

Not sure you can attend? I've got a story for you...

Catina was approached with no other solution but to have surgery; she contacted Dr. Price because she did not want surgery.  She immediately started the process, took the exam and received the results.  Catina was amazed at what showed up on the exam because she did not share anything about her health struggles with Dr. Price.  She followed the instructions that he recommended and she saw results in just 2 days.  Catina completed a follow after two months  and the results were breath taking; her health was at its best.  The issues that she was facing was no longer a threat to her health and surgery was not an option.

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