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Essential oils are natural, safe and effective solutions to use for your overall health.  Essential oils are used for a variety of purposes; from maintenance of general health and well-being, to first aid and adding natural scent to homemade body products. You can use essential oils in the diffuser to help you get to sleep or stay alert. You can use them to help calm frazzled nerves, and to give your immune system a boost when needed.
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Catina is a Certified Aromatherapist and Wellness Advocate with 20+ years experience mentoring and leading teams. She serves women over 40 who desire to live a life from aches, pains and stress so that they can live a more energized vibrant life and take charge of their lifestyle.

Catina shows her clients how to overcome stress and maintain good mental health by giving them natural solutions, masterclasses, workshops, courses, and 1-1 coaching that will support them in their health and wellness journey.

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