Health & Wellness

Assessment Session

Our wellness assessment session will dive deep into finding out what you have tried, what has worked and hasn't worked, discovering your goals, map out your wellness challenges, and providing you with a blueprint of natural solutions that you will need to improve your health and wellness so you can continue to enjoy the things that you love.

What's included:

1:1 Assessment

2 Customized Products with shipping

Health & Wellness Roadmap

Continuous Support

Toxic Cleaning Product PDF


Book your 2-hr Health & Wellness Assessment Session with Catina.

Map Out Your Path To Perfect Health

Kick off your health and wellness journey

Want to experience vibrant health?
We specialize in personalizing natural solutions that are perfect for your life and home.

Self-Care Assessment

Self-care assessment

After working with us, we will uncover your self-care struggles that are holding you back from enjoying your life.

Wellness Assessment

Wellness Assessment

We will examine your wellness challenges and provide positive feedback that you can continue after the session.

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions

We provide safe, effective and affordable wellness solutions that will empower your life.


We are here to help you get back on the path to a thriving life.

Get Your Wellness Assessment

We will work together to plan out your wellness journey. Sign up now to start today.

Be inspired and encouraged on your health and wellness journey. GoNatural courses gives you a variety of topics that include self-care, stress management and natural solutions to assist you in mapping out your strategy into a blueprint that you can use to build your confidence and adapt to a new lifestyle of holistic health. The online tutorials will teach you how you can incorporate healthier alternatives into your daily routine.


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